Learn how to build your Video Marketing Strategy.

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Questions to Ask before making a Marketing Video


Video content marketing is a powerful tool to use for your business. It is an ideal way to reach potential customers and build a sense of community around your company’s mission.

Video content gets results, as statistics keep showing. But like everything in business, it’s important to think through the process, before commissioning it, or embarking on making marketing videos yourself. Don’t waste your money and time on something that isn’t right for your situation.

Before you hit RECORD on your first video, think about the role that you want video to play in your business strategy. Ask yourself and discuss with your team:

  • What are my goals that I want to reach by using video?
  • What aspects of my business will video most benefit?
  • What next steps do I want viewers to take after watching the videos?

Set Clear Goals for Your Video

First, set your goals. Before you begin, it’s advised that you set clear expectations, which will guide you as you make further decisions in the process. One helpful way to think about this is deciding what problems video marketing will solve in your business. 

Video marketing has a really wide variety of uses. Did you release a new product, and now you need to educate the market? Do you need more traffic for your website? Would you like to invest in a long-term strategy to establish a brand for your business? These might all be good reasons to use video.

Decide how the video content will achieve the goals you laid out. Once you have worked this out, determine the central message the video should convey. What do you want the viewers to feel? What actions would you like them to take as a result of viewing the video? 

Answering these questions will help your marketing video creative stay on point, and therefore make it more likely to solve the problems and meet the goals you identified and set out for your video project.

Planning Ahead

An important part of pre-planning your marketing video is knowing where the video is going to be shown. Is it a video on your Facebook page? Is it a native ad on social media? Or will you host the video directly on your website? Where your video is shown will have a big bearing on how the video marketing should be produced. 

The kind of marketing video are you producing relates to how you are showing it. A short social media video ad might be visually striking to grab someone’s attention. A longer YouTube video could include interviews or more detailed looks at products. Video press releases might cover the latest news from your business or niche.

Be sure to make the most of your filming. There’s a good chance that some of the material that you’ll capture for your video could easily be re-purposed to different platforms or types of videos. It takes a bit of imagination, but what might seem like extra footage on the shoot day could help you out more than you know later.

 For all you know, there might be something in the news long after you produced the video that makes your product or service unexpectedly relevant. If you’ve already got the footage saved in your archive, it’s not hard to get it cut into a promotional video that can work with any event that might happen in the news cycle. You might end up using key shots six months, even a year after your shoot for another video or special promo, so keep extra footage on hand.


These are just a few examples of the kinds of questions you need to ask before you begin. It’s important to set realistic, manageable goals that contribute to the needs of your organisation and solve problems. Once you nail down the objectives, you can begin to ask other key questions about how your marketing video will be promoted and used to meet those objectives. 

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