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5 Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business

Video content marketing insights reveal HOW it can help business. We discover the benefits of video marketing and examine why video marketing is so powerful.

1 – Video marketing increases brand awareness

Studies have shown that viewers retain about 95% of a video’s message compared to just 10% when reading text. So by adding video to your brand’s outputs, people will remember you and your brand for longer. From telling your story, sharing customer testimonials to answering common industry related questions, whatever style of content you’ve choose to produce, video is the ideal tool to raise your awareness online.

Other studies confirm that we find videos much more memorable. In one study, participants were asked to describe a video advertisement they’d seen in the last month. 80% of participants were able to remember at least one. The fact that we remember video more than we do copy is a powerful reason to be creating video content.

Also, with YouTube being the second largest search engine globally, and also the fact that it’s owned by Google, building your channel with valuable video content is a huge step towards growing your online presence. Boosting business visibility and getting in front of your target audience.

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2 – Video marketing builds trust

A primary aim behind successful video marketing campaigns is to build trust and to foster genuine relationships with your audience based on longevity. Video marketing is not a quick fix. It requires consistency and commitment, but that is more than compensated for by the creation of a set of returning clients who act as advocates for your brand or business, based on the value that you bring to them.

Trust is at the very foundation of those sales and conversions that you’ll make. 57% of customers agree that quality video gives them more confidence to purchase a product online. According to a 2019 YouGov study, old-school brands may find their marketing efforts to be less effective on Gen Z audiences, as this group doesn’t want to be sold to. Gen Z consumers would prefer for their styles and opinions to be influenced by real people over brands trying to make a sale. So for younger audience, it’s less about slick multi-million pound ad campaigns and more about real life and authentic experiences with products or services. This speaks to the power of video testimonials for example.

3 – Video marketing boosts conversions and sales

The end goal of any marketing campaign is ROI, to ultimately move someone from a browser to a buyer. Video marketing is the highest converting medium you can use to promote your business online. Recent surveys show that 71% of marketers say video conversion rates outperform other marketing content. Video can also convey and tap into emotions in a way that text finds difficult. A great example of this would be testimonial videos, watching a customer explain how a product has helped them, builds trust with the viewer.

Video can leave a lasting impression on viewers and turn them from casual browsers to loyal customers and returning clients. Video also increases dwell time on your website as well as purchasing intent too. For example, the housewares website StacksAndStacks.com showed that visitors were 144% more likely to buy something after watching a short video about the company. Seeing the product or service in action ultimately humanises an otherwise faceless distant company or topic. In doing so, this creates greater trust in the brand and ultimately increases the likelihood that people will buy from them as your relationship with your audience develops and the trust grows.

4 – Video improves ROI

Content is the way of the future for marketing, but video content adds another dimension to your campaigns. 83% of marketers surveyed by HubSpot in 2018, noted that video offered a good return on investment, an 11% improvement compared to just one year earlier. So internet marketers are finding video delivers for business too and it’s the ROI and results that is leading to the explosion in content for business.

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5 – Video helps you outperform your competitors

There are still loads of businesses that have yet to invest in video marketing. So that means there are niches which are still relatively untouched by good quality, engaging and valuable video content. Often people are blocked from acting because of the perceived cost of video marketing, but marketing should be a positive for your business, not a net cost, it’s all about investment.

Secondly, start small. Use your phone to film, use free editing packages, hone your skills on YouTube. You don’t immediately have to spend thousands and thousands of pounds. However, you start though, the key is start. By embarking on your video and marketing journey, you and your business can start unlocking the ROI that video marketing has to offer when executed well. And the sooner you start building your audience and helping them resolve problems with your product or service, the further ahead you’ll get from your competitors.

Final thoughts

At Motion Picture Video Production we understand that effective corporate video is about more than just pretty pictures alone. We can help your business raise awareness of your products and services. We can also can help you reach new online audience and transform them from browsers, into buyers, with the right video marketing strategy.

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