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Business Growth Video Content Marketing Secrets For 2021

We’re in unparalleled times of change right now in terms of the business landscape as we change toward a post pandemic new normal. But the great thing about video content marketing is that it is becoming easier and easier to do effectively.

How to capitalize in these times of change?

And the question is, where does that leave us as business owners and how can we go about capitalizing on the opportunities that this will create?

The shift of consumer behavior has been immense, it can’t be understated. And the effects of this migration online are only just starting to come to the surface as we begin to take stock of the last few months as the stats come in. A recent report from Statista reveals that the pandemic has led to a 44% increase in social media consumption and 80% increase in traffic on media sites and a 28% increase in more video streaming, Smartphone use has also rocketed up a massive 70%. Overall, we have jumped effectively two or three years in terms of online growth as a direct result of the changes that COVID has brought.

It is incumbent for business owners to understand that consumer behavior have changed.

Consumer behavior has changed, that much is clear, and it’s incumbent upon us as business owners to understand this and seek the opportunities within it. Otherwise we risk withering away as businesses as our clients move their searches increasingly online. And those with a more progressive digital outlook will be able to get to these people first.

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How can businesses change how they market?

Now, the question is, how can we as businesses change how we market to take account of these sweeping changes that are happening right now? The short answer is simply by leveraging digital forms of marketing and in particular video marketing, given it’s a proven and really effective way of engaging with and fostering relationships with audiences online.

So given the world and his wife are now increasingly online you’d be crazy to overlook digital marketing as a key proponent of your marketing strategy, right? Well, I would certainly concur with that view but then I understand I may be a bit biased but whatever you may think as a business owner or entrepreneur about digital marketing, the point is you need to somehow get yourself and your business in front of pairs of eyes that are now not on trains, they’re not driving past billboards, or knocking around in cities, looking at physical advertising on billboards or point of sale in shops, they’re spending ever increasing amounts of time working from home, turning online to search for products and services.

You need to get yourself in front of pairs of eyes who are browsing the internet.

Paid for and non paid for traffic and ads

And fundamentally, there are two routes you can go down, paid for traffic and ads and non-paid for or organic traffic.

With organic reach on social sites like Facebook on the slide, because fundamentally they want you to pay for reaching more people, organic options of banging up some posts on Facebook and then watching as your phone rings off the hook, just simply isn’t the case anymore. The landscape there has changed. That is not to say, though, that sustained targeted Facebook campaigns won’t work, they absolutely do, but the key difference between the likes of the social platforms is that people aren’t there to be sold to, fundamentally they’re social platforms. However, with Google and YouTube, they are search engines, people are going there to look for solutions to their problems, or to get questions answered.

People on social platforms aren’t there to be sold to.

Contrast that with the mindset that you find on Facebook and such like where you’re having to work slowly and subtly over time to get the audience there into some kind of buying state of mind, first off, and then often you need to take them off platform to then convert and eventually sell to them.

But that’s just not the case on Google or YouTube, there you’re simply able to create video content marketing around an answer to a question or a search query that someone has actually typed in. And that is where I believe if you’re a business owner, you can start creating content right now that answers people’s specific questions and queries that they’re actually typing in, you’re helping them. You’re starting to build a relationship based on help and advice, not a massive sales pitch. You’re also starting to establish your expertise, you’re giving your business a human face and starting to demonstrate to them the feel of your business and what it might be like to work with you.

So if you start to create well-targeted and relevant content that has a clearly defined audience, that’s obviously aligned with your business and your expertise. Then over time, people will come to look upon you as an expert in what you do.

Digital marketing requires planning, strategy and most importantly consistency of implementation.

This builds over time, YouTube or any form of digital marketing is not a magic bullet that miraculously works overnight. It requires planning, strategy, and most importantly, consistency of implementation.

By doing this over time, answering questions, resolving issues that people are typing into Google and YouTube, you’ll start to build up trust, just as you would in the real world. The online world is no different. You have to demonstrate your value to people you first meet and then you’ll gather new clients and then turn them eventually, obviously, into returning clients.

And add to that the fact that people on search engines are much lower hanging fruit in terms of getting them to potentially purchase from you, especially if you target keywords with buying intent. Someone, for example, searching Canon 123 camera to buy or Sony 123 three camera review clearly has more purchasing intent than the more generic product name on its own, which could very well just be people looking to download the instructions rather than buy a camera itself.

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How can YouTube help businesses post COVID?

Well, quite simply, by offering a platform that allows businesses to create useful content for their audience that will demonstrate their expertise, give potential clients an insight into what it would be like to work with you based on a search that’s been initiated by the audience and also by making the content you create evergreen, so it doesn’t scoot off into the ether after a couple of hours, never to be seen again. And you combine that with the ability to be able to really target keywords and also locations. The combination of Google and YouTube together, I believe, is one that absolutely every business should be looking at, making use of as we move into this new era.

Final thoughts

Well, I really hope you got loads of value from this. To dive into loads more detail about the strategy behind creating effective video content marketing as well as practical video production how-to’s. If you want to find out even more about our production company and how video marketing can help you business, be sure to check out: free YouTube resource.

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