How to Make Business Video

how to make video for your business

How To Make A Video For Business Marketing

How do you make small business videos? Want to know about making videos for small business? We reveal how to approach making video for business marketing – offering tips on leveraging video marketing for your business.

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make video on laptop

How Can I Make Video On My Laptop?

Can you make a BUSINESS VIDEO with JUST your LAPTOP and some PHONE HEADPHONES? Watch this! It reveals how to make a YouTube video with your laptop. Includes basic lighting, framing tips, sound and editing, so YOU can make VIDEO NOW!

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Video Equipment

Sound 101 – How to Get Better Audio for Your YouTube Videos

As Hampshire based bespoke video production experts, here at Motion Picture Video Production, we know that getting good sound recording is absolutely vital when making professional business videos. A sure-fire way of losing your audience as soon as they press play, is by having sub-standard audio.

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Lighting Setup for Youtube Video

How To Light for YouTube Videos

When filming your YouTube video, it’s very important you keep in mind the power and effects of lighting a video. With so much content online, well-lit videos stand out from the clutter and chaos. Creating and incorporating good lighting technique isn’t difficult—in fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to give your video a professional look without spending a lot of money or going through too much of a hassle.

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Video Production Company

6 Ways to Make Better Business Videos

Videos are a great way of introducing you and your business to your audience. It is a fantastic method of starting to build a relationship with your potential clients and market your business with today’s digital platforms.

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