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Get to Know Your Video Audience: Crafting the Perfect Customer Avatar

Are you looking for the perfect way to connect with your video audience? Crafting an accurate customer avatar is exactly what you need to do.

In this article, we’ll share why these avatars are essential when it comes to attracting and talking to the right people for your business.

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What is a customer avatar?

Creating customer avatars is the first step to crafting customer-focused video content that resonates with viewers. One step towards building relationships with potential customers. On their journey from being browsers on your website – to becoming returning clients of your business.

A customer avatar is a representation of your target video audience, based on customer characteristics such as age, gender, location, job and interests.

It helps you gain an understanding of who you’re creating video content for and why – providing valuable insights into their needs, values, goals and interests.

Armed with a well developed customer avatar, you’ll be able to deliver valuable audience-centric video content. Video that speaks directly to the needs and aspirations of each individual viewer. Video that over time will build know, like and trust.

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Steps to Crafting the Perfect Customer Avatar

So how do you create an accurate customer avatar for your video audience?

1. Identify key customer characteristics – Start by considering who your customer is and what their needs, values, interests, motivations, and goals are. Pay attention to demographic data (age, gender, location) as well as lifestyle information (occupation, hobbies, interests).

2. Create customer profiles – Use the customer characteristics you identified in step one to create customer profiles. Keep track of customer attributes such as age, gender, occupation and make sure to include customer goals/motivations that help inform your video marketing initiatives.

3. Utilise customer feedback – By incorporating customer feedback into your customer avatar, you can ensure accuracy when creating video content. Ask customers questions such as ‘What do you like most about our video content?’ or ‘What type of video content would you like to see more of?’.

4. Update customer avatars regularly – As customer needs and interests evolve, so too should your customer avatar. Regularly review customer feedback to ensure that your customer avatar is up-to-date and accurately reflects your growing video audience.

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Understanding and empathising with your audience / customers is essential for any successful business. By taking the time to determine their likes, dislikes, interests and pain points, you will be able to create more relevant and personalised content that really resonates with viewers. Ultimately leading to increased customer engagement, trust and loyalty.

Recent studies have shown that when customers feel a connection with a brand’s identity and values they are more likely to be repeat buyers.

Investing in profiling your audience can ultimately lead to an increase in conversions—making it well worth the effort.

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