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Explainer Videos And Marketing Videos For Business

We delve into explainer videos, showcasing several types of explainer videos and the best explainer videos to use for your business. This video covers explainer video styles such as whiteboard animation, animated explainer videos and corporate explainer videos.

So, let’s talk specifically about goals and what are the business marketing videos you need to meet your business goals.

Now, there are a couple of examples here. So this is by no means an exhaustive list. It really is, literally. We’re literally just scraping the surface here. There are hundreds of potential ideas that you can adopt.

1 – Corporate Explainer videos

So, these are short online marketing videos that explain your company’s product or service. Now they don’t sell it. They’re not sales videos, they’re just explaining. And these are often put on a sales landing page or your home page or a prominent product page. The second type, which sort of is like an explainer video.

The explainer videos I should say they are what we call live action, typically. So it might be a talking head like this where you know.” Hello, I’m Jeff. I’m a plumber. I’m gray. I’ve got 25 years experience.” Whatever it is. But very much live action person in short type thing explainer videos, maybe with a little bit of what we call B-roll, which is the.

That is the kind of video footage that you put. I don’t want to get too technical, too kind of into it but it’s the footage that is the wallpaper type footage that you put over the talking head to illustrate a point. And to basically freshen it, make sure that it doesn’t get too boring and stay with one shot for the two or three minutes.

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2 – Whiteboard videos

Whiteboard videos tend to be animated. Now the reason that people use animated videos, you know you’ve probably seen them. They’re the ones that look like people are scribbling on a whiteboard. The reason people use them is cause actually whiteboard animation is really, has a really good way of communicating things that are actually quite complex and kind of concepts to get across.

For example, you know, you could always do it as a live action thing that the issue would be if it was particularly for a smaller business, that typically you know, the more complicated something is to explain the more costly it would be to shoot.

Because for example, it might mean that you need to go to several locations to illustrate the point, for example. Or you might need some expensive graphics or something like that. Whereas with a whiteboard, little cartoon thing person draws out. You can communicate it really effectively like that and it would not necessarily need to cost the earth at all.

3 – Meet the team videos

The third video that I’m going to share with you for the awareness stage tonight is the meet the team videos.

Now, these are brilliant for a couple of reasons because they start to build rapport with your potential customers. They offer a really really good insight into these sort of workings. And it’s almost like a little kind of behind the curtain look at the goings on in your business. It will imbue your business and company with a personality basically.

And again, it’s that whole thing like I said before about proving that there’s humans behind the website. Very easy online as I’m sure you’re aware. Lots and lots and lots of very anonymous looking websites. Frankly you don’t know who you’re dealing with. The brilliant thing with video is that it suddenly, you know it gives you a personality, it gives you humanity.

The other thing as well that these meet the team videos do is a really powerful way of communicating. Very succinctly and very quickly. Your values as a company, your why. The reason you do what you do and that is a massively powerful reason why people will do business with you. Because like I said before, people, we transact with people that we like. If, you know generally speaking especially if it’s a higher ticket item.

Now, if you’re starting to build up a rapport with someone by using video and also you are doing it in a way that chimes with the potential clients kind of values as well. That’s another thing that you have in common with that person, that without doing that video they would have no idea that they had that in common with you. So meet the team videos and behind the scenes of your business type videos are really really powerful because they show, they offer so many clues to your potential clients.

And also the other thing to say as well is don’t be scared if people get put off, then maybe they’re just not the right clients for you especially if you’re a smaller business and you can’t serve millions of clients. Actually you’re going to want the videos to self-select. You’re going to want them to act as a filter. So you’re only getting contacted by people that really get you and what you’re about and how you can help. So you’re not getting, your time being wasted by sort of tire-kickers, as you might do if you’re just hidden behind an anonymous website.

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Final thoughts

I really hope you’ve got value from this post. To dive into more detail about how to create video for your business, do check out the other videos on our YouTube channel.

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