How Much Do Video Ads Cost?

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It’s that time of year again when we’re bombarded with the need to buy, buy, buy in the run up to the festive season. Bright, colourful and engaging ads on the TV, or on our favourite social media platforms, play a huge part in our spending as customers. Here at Motion Picture Video Production, we understand the power of video marketing, and exactly how much effort and money goes into creating professional video content to entertaining the masses. With over twenty years of professional video production experience in UK Broadcast TV, we know what makes the best video advertisement, and how to repeat those strategies for your business.

Whilst watching those new ads, have you ever stopped to consider how much a video advertisement might cost? Well here’s a breakdown from us here at Motion Picture, in how much you might need to spend to produce that same quality of ad for your products or services.

The Rule of Thumb

There’s a basic rule in the video marketing industry to allow £1000 for every minute of finished film. Before you recoil in shock, consider that this is a very rough estimate and can change according to your business’ needs. This cost takes into consideration a completely finished piece of content. A complete bundle of everything involved in video production – including crew hire, equipment costs and location pricing, to the pre and post production involved in making a film. Also involved in this £1000 per minute cost would be any music licensing, stock footage and graphics work. Of course video lengths vary on the type of video you’ll be creating, so let’s look at some common examples of popular video types businesses produce.

  • Brand / Company Story Videos – £4000 Upwards

These are videos where you present information about your business to potential customers – perhaps as an introduction on your website or social media. Of course it’ll take more than a minute or two to explain your company, therefore expects costs over four thousand pounds for creating this sort of video. You may also need to consider multiple versions for different platforms.

  • Product Explainer Videos – Around £3000

Product explainer videos provide you with the chance to demonstrate your product or services to potential customers. These are essential for businesses with products or services that might be highly technical or otherwise difficult for the everyday consumer to understand.

  • Social Media Ads and Content – Around £4500

To create a series of films to use as social media content, you’d be looking around four thousand, five hundred pounds. Creating an entire suite of content gives you plenty of fresh content to post over time – keeping your audience engaged.

  • Broadcast Ads – £10,000 to £500,000

These are advertisements that you would find on television. Whilst they start around ten thousand pounds, they can increase in price by an incredible amount when you consider high-end ads such as Christmas releases and the sort of advertisements you see at events like the Super Bowl. Before attempting to create ads for television consider where and when you want your ad to be broadcast and factor in that cost.

Do you want top quality video content to promote your business? Unsure of where to start? Allow Motion Picture Video Production to help you take the stress out of creating professional recordings. As a Hampshire-based boutique video production house, we offer fantastic end-to-end video production services and everything you need to produce high quality video for your business’ platforms. Interested in what we can do for you? Contact us at https://mpvideoproduction.co.uk/video-marketing-consultation/ or email [email protected].uk to find out more! 

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