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How to Avoid the Dangers of Generic Video Marketing Content?

Here at Motion Picture Video Production, we pride ourselves in over twenty years of professional video production experience in UK Broadcast TV.  With so many successful productions under our belts, we know how to get the best out of video content, and are eager to share that knowledge with you and your business. Yet, every day we see businesses fall into one of the biggest and most expensive traps a video marketing strategy can face – being too generic. You can spend all the time and money you want on creating content, but if its too general, if it doesnt suit your desired audience, then all those resources have been wasted.

Thats why we want to help you avoid the pitfalls of generic video marketing content by providing a few strategies of our own to get you up and running.

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So Why is Generic Video Marketing Content Bad?

The danger of creating generic videos, – those that arent targeted to your specific audience – is that the videos will not land.  Your audience will drift off, lose focus and you will have an even shorter space of time to try and engage with them. The less time you have with them, the less likely they are to understand how your product or service works for them. A generic video can defeat the purpose of creating a video at all.

 Another danger of generic content is that it makes your business appear out of touch with its audience – making you look uncaring or a bit aloof. The worst-case scenario is that it makes you look misguided – like youre foolishly offering the wrong kind of product or service to the people youre trying to sell it to. After spending all that time and money on creating the video, obviously this miscommunication would be an absolute disaster for you.  Better to do your research beforehand before producing ill-fitting content!

How Can You Avoid Creating Something too Generic?

1.) Know Your Customers

The key to appealing to your audience, is truly understanding them. This will take some time out of your work day, but the investment really pays dividends. Once you’ve sat down and invested a few hours in going through and profiling your audience, it will focus your mind and give you a clear picture of what you need to be communicating whenever you produce content. Once you know who youre talking to, then the process becomes a whole lot easier. After all, its easier to talk to a friend than a stranger is it not? This familiarity also prevents your marketing from becoming too generic.

2.) What’s In It For Them?

When looking at your business from a buyers perspective, first concentrate on this key question – whats in it for me? Not only does your audience want to know how your product or service can help them, but the same can be said for your videos. Whats the point in them watching and engaging with your content? What do they get out of the experience? To understand this, were going to go through profiling your audience and creating a customer avatar. By putting yourself in their shoes, and knowing what they desire, you can truly understand how to make your product or service attractive to potential buyers. Once youve ascertained that, you can use it across all the content you make to tailor it to your customersneeds.

3.) Location, Location, Location

Social media marketing, including paid for ads, is now a key part of digital marketing – and an excellent place for putting your new videos. Yet no understanding your audience can cost you in the long run as you try to target them online. Any ad campaigns that you run, be it with Google Ads or YouTube or Facebook Ads, will require you to choose a target audience. If you choose the wrong audience or even platform, for your product or service, you’ll end up running campaigns that will cost your business money but provide no ROI in the future. Your target market may be more likely to use LinkedIn rather than Facebook, or visa versa. You need to know and utilise this to create the right kind of video, and then spend your money wisely.  You could be producing ads and writing copy that simply is so wide off the mark that they dont appear in front of your audience at all. Work out where your audience are, before you produce any sort of content for them.

4.) Great Trust

Creating content that serves your audiences needs gives them value that has them coming back for more. This satisfies the previous question of whats in it for them. However, these videos can also build up your business as one they can trust. This obviously doesnt occur within the first couple of videos. However, if you’re producing videos over a long period of time, a sense of trust will develop between you and your audience, and that is exactly what a business needs to keep loyal customers returning. The more a customer trusts you, the more likely they are to view your content in a positive light, and to feel that its relevant to them rather than a generic ad. To keep your audience engaged, you must keep supplying them with fresh useful content. Dont talk about yourself or your business to start with. Focus on whats in it for them.

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Final Thoughts

Thinking of creating top quality video content for your business? Unsure of where to start without sounding too generic? Allow Motion Picture Video Production to help you take the stress out of creating professional recordings. As a Hampshire-based boutique video production house, we offer fantastic end-to-end video production services and everything you need to produce high quality video for your business’ platforms. Interested in what we can do for you? Contact us at tel:+44(0)1264712135 or email [email protected].uk to find out more!

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