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How to Choose Your Video Production Company?

After deciding on the goals for your video and planning out how you want to use the video in your business strategy, it’s time to choose a video production company to bring the idea to life.

This article highlights questions to ask when going about choosing a production partner, to find the right production company for you.

What Type of Videos Do They Produce?

First, view the show reel of any potential video production partners. You can see what kind of videos they have experience producing and the quality of those films.

As a result, you’ll be able to tell if your vision of the video looks like the kind of video they create and produce. For example, a video firm that specialises in sports events might not be the best if you want a marketing promo video.

Secondly, if you are looking for a good fit, understand you probably won’t find an absolutely perfect match. Searching the world wide web for a video that looks exactly like what you want may be fruitless. Therefore, spend your energy on identifying work that resonates with your goals and vision. Find out more details, contact them about their video production services, work approach and process.


Third, think about their level of experience. How long have they been involved as video creators?

What sorts of customer have they worked with before?

Do they have experience working with clients in the same niche as your business?

Equally, what platforms (YouTube, social media, broadcast etc.) have they produced video for?

Do They Understand Your Vision?

Other factors to consider are the people behind the company. Do you get along with them? Have they taken the time to understand what you do as a business? To what extent do they understand the market of your product or the audience you are targeting?

Throughout the video production process—starting from when you are just jotting ideas down together – you can really tell what they are envisioning as the final result.

So, you should work out if they understand the end goal of the video. Ask for specific input on how they think that should best be achieved. Do their ideas match your own—or do they not seem to understand what you want out of the video?

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Project Goals

Goals guide the entire creative and technical process. If an aspect of the video isn’t helping achieve the goals, then you’ve potentially wasted time and money—you aren’t getting a positive return on your investment.

Consequently, it’s imperative that you and the production team are on the same page about the goals. Additionally, outline those key goals clearly and check that everyone understands exactly what you are aiming for.

A video production company that doesn’t seem interested in the performance of the video after it’s produced and posted, is probably not the best fit.

Video production isn’t just about the finished product, but about how the finished video preforms after it’s released. In our view, the performance and return on investment are the true judges of the video, not just aesthetically how nice it looks.


With this in mind, ask the production company for input on aspects of the video marketing strategy.

For instance, do they have any advice on how to optimize the video for YouTube?

Do they know of any good keywords to tag the video with?

Have they got any experience in running video social media ad campaigns?

One video production company might not have all the answers, but it’s good to gauge their experience and seek their input and guidance where possible.

Above all, when you’re investing valuable money into generating quality content, the production company has a responsibility for what videos do in the real world.

That’s one of our values as a video production company. We take ownership even after we hit export.

When our clients want us to, we are pleased to accompany them throughout the whole process, when it comes to delivering the video to its target audience.

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The video production company you hire matters. It can make the difference as to whether your goals are achieved or not. Therefore, take time, do your research, to determine the best video company for you and for your unique needs.

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