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How To Make A Marketing Video For My Business?

How do you make small business videos? Want to know about making videos for small business? We reveal how to approach making video for business marketing – offering tips on leveraging video marketing for your business.

There are obviously a number of ways that you can go about creating video content for your business.

DIY Approach

You could try and do it yourself. Although if you’re going to go the DIY approach, I’d really advise that maybe, you don’t get too hung up on the whole technical side of things because if you are obsessed by the kit, often the content side of things gets forgotten. And therefore, the power and the impact of the video you’re creating is obviously hamstrung by that.

A way around that is to make sure that you really understand the audience you’re talking to. And you’ve identified a clear vision in your head as to who you’re addressing when you’re making your video content that’ll ensure that the content is relevant and useful and gives value importantly to your audience.

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Engage with a Full-Time Videographer

The other thing you could do is to engage someone. Maybe a full-time videographer in your business. The advantage here then is that, as you have someone on site all the time, they can create content at short notice. And also, they’re there if you want to get them to reversion stuff. So, you’ve got evergreen fresh content all the time. The negative to this perhaps would be the additional staff cost and obviously the investment you’d need in kit and general equipment and possibly also training. But frankly if your business is one where you need to create a lot of content, this is definitely an option.

Maybe you should recruit some you know, young buck, who’s just come out keen graduate from university. They would work brilliantly. They’d be keen as mustard and also, it’s a great way for them to start honing their video making skills.

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Engage with a Video Production Company

Finally, you could go down the route of engaging with a video production company. The key really here is that, whoever you’re talking to, they really need to understand the business that you’re in, and also the goals that you’re trying to achieve, and the place that video has within your overall marketing strategy.

Also, fundamentally, I’d say, as well that you’ve really got to get on with them as people, right. A good working relationship with your video production company should be a huge asset to your business and enable you to create some really effective video content that is absolutely focused in on ROI.

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