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6 Ways to Make Better Marketing Videos for Your Business

Videos are a great way of introducing you and your business to your audience. It is a fantastic method of starting to build a relationship with your potential clients and market your business with today’s digital platforms.

In fact, well executed video marketing provides many businesses with a positive Return on Investment (ROI). With an audience of billions watching online videos every day, video marketing offers incredible opportunities for businesses.

For example, ’About Us’ Videos are a great way of introducing your team, so potential customers know who they will be speaking to when they get in touch. It allows people to put faces to names and it also personalises your business.

Here are a few killer tips when shooting a video for your business.

1 – It’s All About Sound

Firstly, choose a location that does not have a lot of distractions in the background. Whenever you’re shooting video, you should always think about sound. Good sound is critical. If your video suffers from bad sound, then the audience will lose interest very quickly. 

It is well worth investing in a decent microphone, to ensure your videos sound is captured in a clear way. You can find more about the kit we suggest, in our Ultimate Business Starter Video Kit List.

2 – In The Frame

In terms of framing your video, you need to think about lighting where possible. Use natural light as it is very flattering. 

Also, think about the background of your shot. Look out for anything that appears to be coming out of the back of your speakers head.

Pay attention to detail. Make sure the back of shot is clear and thoughtfully arranged. 

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3 – Shadows & Depth

Ensure that the speaker is at least two to three meters away from any wall.

The nearer you are to a wall or a surface, the harder (and more distracting) the shadows will become.

Stepping away from the background will also give the shot a sense of depth, which looks better aesthetically.

4 – Keep It Steady

With a good camera or a decent smartphone, you can make great videos for your business.

Make sure the camera is steady. Always use a tripod. Or – if you are shooting on your phone – attach it with a clamp to a lighting stand.

A wobbly shot is really distracting, and really lowers the production value. 

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5 – Music

If you are using free library music, think about what you want your video to communicate. Ask yourself – what emotion you want to portray in your choice of music?

Give this some serious consideration. The wrong choice of music can make a film feel really cheesy, which will reduce its effectiveness with the audience.

6 – Words

In terms of script, we always find the best approach is to allow people to speak in their own language and in their own words. Try and avoid the temptation to heavily script the video, otherwise the delivery can come across as stilted.

After all, the whole point of business videos is to demonstrate the personality and uniqueness of you and what you do.

One approach in terms of scripting is to bullet point the areas you want to talk about within your video, and allow yourself to be conversational around those points. This will lead to a much more natural feeling video, and will hopefully mean that your audience will find you very relatable.

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