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How to Use Video to Get Clients

Video Marketing has now become the most effective form of business advertising.

In 2017, more than 50% of consumers said they preferred to see video content from businesses they support over any other form of content1  In 2022, 92% of marketers value video as an essential part of their overall strategy2. What this tells us is that customers expect and want it, and marketers know it works.

But, using video to get clients can feel like a minefield, especially if you’re a small business or entrepreneur.

The Stages of Using Video to Get Clients

There are several stages involved in using video to get clients, and all are as important as each other. While the workload and activities may change throughout the stages, one thing remains constant: time. Each stage requires careful planning and timely research if the overall strategy is to be an effective one.

Let’s break down these stages.

Stage One: Initial Plan

Invest time to really understand your audience and the profile of your potential customer. Who are they, what are their demographics, hobbies, interests, and their motivation? By creating a customer avatar, you’ll be much better placed to meet their needs.

In the first part of the customer’s journey, they’re in the awareness stage and fundamentally window shopping online. They’re looking for resolutions for their issues and are not likely to want to immediately invest. This is where attention-grabbing content is key.

It is probable that customers have found your business, and video, by typing queries into a search engine. As a content creator, it is your job to create videos that answer these questions, and for this to be a targeted answer you have to understand the interest and motivation of the consumer.

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Stage Two: Video Production

Today’s consumers are very savvy – they crave a genuine connection. Your video needs to build a connection and rapport with its viewers and should avoid any slick sales patter.

Ensure that the overall message illustrates an understanding of the customer’s issue, with a brief focus on how you can provide a solution. Don’t go into specifics about a product or service at this stage – this isn’t a commercial, and it shouldn’t appear like one.

When it comes to the type of video you want to produce, there are several options to consider. These are as follows:

Explainer Videos: Used to introduce and explain how your product, or service, provides a solution to a specific problem. 84% of consumers have been convinced to buy following an explainer video, according to a 2020 study into their effectiveness3

Entertainment Videos: An entertainment video can be motivating, inspiring, shocking, funny – or a combination of these. The primary foundation of this video type is to be short and interesting.

Brand Culture Videos: This video can give your business a human face while educating viewers about your business, its message, and its values.

● How-To Videos: How-to videos can go a long way to help your company show up earlier in search results and create more awareness for your brand. This video type answers the questions your target audience is asking.

While the above are by no means the only types of videos marketers should be making, they are the most effective ones, especially in the early days.

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Stage Three: Video Editing

Editing is something that will develop over time, and nobody is expecting a brand-new business to have a perfect and flawless video. In fact, it’s often much better if it’s a little rough around the edges, as this can create a feeling of humanity and trust from viewers. A one-person-in-front-of-the-camera is a perfect starting point.

However, you do need to consider what investments to make. Your kit can be reasonably inexpensive in the early days – if you have a smartphone, you’re pretty much good to go. Although, I would recommend a microphone, tripod, and lighting of some sort – don’t let equipment become a barrier to you getting started.

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