How much does video content production cost?

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to the question “How much does a marketing video cost?”

However as with all video marketing content, if it’s done properly, with well defined goals, tracked results and a well executed creative – it should not be a net cost to your business. Marketing video should contribute to your bottom line – not take away from it – otherwise – why bother, right?

Well made marketing video is not cheap, because it takes time and skill to craft.

But the industry standard rough guide is about £1,000 per minute of finished film. A smaller project including a day’s filming and a couple of days edit – to generate a few films for online marketing, or for a suite of videos for website content starts from around £3,000.

factors that affect video production cost

Preparation is key. The more thinking that has been done up front means we need to spend less time in pre-production knocking ideas and concepts into shape, before we can move into production.

Ask yourself:

  1. How prepared / well formed are my ideas?
  2. Are my goals defined – what do I want the video project to achieve?

Making the next instalment of Star Wars will cost more than a well executed and simple ‘Talking Head’ interview about your business.

Multiple shoot locations, multi-day documentary coverage or more complex set ups requiring multiple takes or larger multi camera rigs, all impact on the video production cost.

But this needn’t be a barrier or a surprise on a well planned shoot.

The world really is your oyster when it comes to creating amazing films, but elements such as bespoke music (or licensing well known copyrighted music), creating animated graphics sequences or bespoke motion graphics will all add to the video production cost. Quite simply because they require time and talent to make them.

Once you have created marketing video content it makes absolute sense to make the most use of it possible. Depending on the final destination (if its social media platforms) – each will have their own preferred specifications for video – so each has to have its own native version of your film.

As part of our bespoke video production service, we will happily guide you throughout this, and all other aspects of the production journey.

The more changes and versions we produce before sign off of a final film – the longer edit time we need, therefore the more it will cost.

Video production cost need not be a surprise in a well managed video marketing project. We have an upfront, straightforward approach at the heart of our video production service. We work in collaboration with our clients. In that way we avoid nasty surprises, and we empower our clients to make informed decisions.

After all, we love what we do – and we want our clients to enjoy the process too.

next steps

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