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At Motion Picture Video Production we live and breath video. We're also passionate about business. We're all about sharing knowledge about how to leverage the power of marketing with video, to make all our businesses succeed.

In this section of the site we share with you tips about marketing with video, as well as video content marketing insights and experience gained from 20+ years working in UK broadcast TV. Along with a boatload of goodness of all things digital marketing and marketing with video. Sharing and learning, so all our businesses can grow.

It's our absolute MISSION to encourage and enable businesses to create effective video marketing - we hope you find the following useful. Please let us know what you think - and also WHAT you'd like to see us cover in future. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Video Marketing Blogs

Video is SUCH a powerful tool for business. Marketing with video is becoming increasingly common on every platform and channel. If you are trying to reach and engage a wide audience, marketing with video is definitely something you should look at. 

4 types of powerful video that work for marketing any business to increase visibility and sales.

As Hampshire based bespoke video production experts, here at Motion Picture Video Production, we know that getting good sound recording is absolutely vital when making professional business videos.  A sure-fire way of losing your audience as soon as they press play, is by having sub-standard audio.

So, here are a few tips from Motion Picture, to help you capture your sound at the best it can be.

Do I Need Video for My Business?

Category | Getting Started with Video

How Can Video Marketing Help Me?

Category | Getting Started with Video

When filming your YouTube video, it’s very important you keep in mind the power and effects of lighting a video. With so much content online, well-lit videos stand out from the clutter and chaos. Creating and incorporating good lighting technique isn’t difficult—in fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to give your video a professional look without spending a lot of money or going through too much of a hassle.

Videos are a great way of introducing you and your business to your audience. It is a fantastic method of starting to build a relationship with your potential clients and market your business with today’s digital platforms.

Here are a few killer tips when shooting a video for your business.

How Can I Create Video Marketing Strategy?

Category | Planning Video Marketing and Strategy

Make Video Work for Your Business

Category | Getting Started with Video

Understanding how long it takes for a video production service to produce a video for your business allows you to be productive and efficient with your time. When you allow plenty of time for video production, you can be sure you’ll end up with the best quality films possible – and your time (and money) isn’t wasted.

After deciding on the goals for your video and planning out how you want to use the video in your business strategy, it’s time to choose a video production company to bring the idea to life.

How to Create Video for My Business? Part 1

Category | How to Make Business Video

How to Create Video for My Business? Part 2

Category | How to Make Business Video

Video content gets results, as statistics keep showing. But like everything in business, it’s important to think through the process, before commissioning it, or embarking on making marketing videos yourself. 

The key with producing content is to not prevaricate, to just get on and make it! It’s always really easy to think to yourself that you haven’t got quite the right kit, or quite the right space. 

Real Life Marketing in Conversation : Batch Content Creation

Category | Real Life Video Marketing

Real Life Marketing in Conversation : Batch Content Creation

Category | Real Life Video Marketing

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