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Want to generate B2B leads for your business? Want to know how to generate sales leads in your business? Video marketing is a super effective sales lead generation tool.

Without wanting to state the blindingly obvious. Customers are the lifeblood of any business. If you don’t have a flow of inbound customers into your business, then you frankly don’t really have a business.

Now, there are a number of ways of approaching this, for some businesses, the issue is one of awareness, i.e their product or service offering is on point, but not enough people know them.

Produce videos that inform

In this case, you want to produce videos that inform, these are not videos to sell. In fact, don’t sell in these videos at all. These are videos that will establish you in your market, they inform the market of the problems you can solve for them. They position you as a business they can trust.

Okay, so what videos are these then? The first thing to say is that these videos should approach things from your customer’s point of view. What problem does your product or service solve? When would your client be looking for your kind of product or service? Then create content that speaks to this.

Once again, you are not selling, you’re positioning yourselves as understanding the issues your customers are facing and you’re advising, offering genuine, helpful and critically valuable advice around your clients issues or pain points.

Now, if you’re wanting a silver bullet quick fix overnight buying gazillions of traffic, then this really isn’t for you. In fact, more generally I’d say video marketing probably isn’t for you. Just as in real life trust takes time to earn and you need to invest time in making that happen and there are no shortcuts.

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1 – Look at what people are searching for on Google

Make videos that answer those questions. Speak to your current clients, what information would have helped them out had they known earlier on. So if you’re an accountant for example, you could do videos about how to complete a tax return or the top 10 howlers to avoid when filing your accounts and if you’re a plumber, you could create content around how to fix common plumbing faults, like a dripping tap. Don’t be tempted to be possessive of your knowledge. The plumber might say, but I make 60 quid a time on fixing dripping taps and it takes me minutes. Yeah, I get it, but by sharing the knowledge and information, you’re doing two things. You’re coming across as open and honest not someone who’s trying to extract every last penny from a call out.

2 – Demonstrating your expertise in what you do

If someone watches a few of your helpful videos, guess who will crop up top of mind the next time they need some plumbing done? That’s right, you. Because you’ve shared your knowledge over time, you will have started to build up know like and trust with your audience. Now this is critical if you’re to encourage people to get in touch with your business.

Other types of content

  • You could create video which is based around solving a client’s issues with your product or service are things like Q and A’s. Create a video of the questions you’re asked most often.
  • Lists also work well too. The top five tips for X Y Z, seven things that will allow you to A B C, top three mistakes people make when trying to X Y Z.
    • Make your headlines hook the audience to encourage them to watch what you have to say. If you need inspiration, have a look at what other people have done in your niches and use what has worked for them as a starting point for your content.
  • Keep your videos punchy and to the point and make sure they’re in the right ratio and running times for the platforms they’re going to be released on. There’s no point filming a five minute video for example, for Instagram, make sure you’ve done your audience research and you know who you’re targeting and why.

If your videos are going to be successful. You need to plan your output, research it. It’s representing your brand or business at the end of the day. You’ll very likely need to produce videos consistently and over a period of months to establish yourself but once you start, every single video you produce is building toward that point.

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Final Thoughts

In Hampshire video production can help your business raise awareness of your products and services. Hampshire video production also can help you reach new online audience and transform them from browsers, into buyers, with the right video marketing strategy. If you want to find out even more about our production company and how video marketing can help you business, be sure to check out: free YouTube resource.

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