Three Types Of Video To Promote Your Business

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Creating content that doesn’t suit your customers’ needs can prove a costly waste of time and money.

With so many different types of video out there, it’s understandable if you’re confused as to which might be best for your business and your customers. Here are three types of videos to get you started on your video marketing journey.

Before we get started, you may be thinking: “I already have a wonderful website, and a great blog to promote my business. Why do I need to include video in my marketing strategy too?” Well, these days digital marketing needs to go beyond copy on a page.

According to Forbes[1], 65% of us are visual learners, and therefore it’s likely that 65% of your customers are too.

Though well-crafted blog posts do have the power to bring in leads, incorporating videos into your marketing will give your promotion an added boost by including these visual learners. Videos also capture and hold the attention of audiences for longer, than any other advertising mediums.

So what sort of videos can you start employing to bring customers to your business?

  1. Educational & Awareness Videos

Once you’ve identified the needs of your customer, you can create problem-focused awareness videos, and content to educate your audience on how to solve their issues.

Effective video marketing encourages your audience down their client journey from Browser, to Information Seeker, to Purchaser, and build up trust over time.

These particular videos are perfect for encouraging them along through the browsing or Awareness Stage. At this first step in the buyers’ journey, your audience are likely not aware of you or your business. However, they have an issue, which is likely why they’ve typed a search into Google and been directed to your content. An Awareness Stage video is about empathy and understanding. You’re not selling, you’re advising the audience on their problems.

So how do you create these videos? Well, think about why people will have found you on the internet. What would they have entered into Google to find you? What problems do you as a business solve? When your target audience is out there searching for new information, that’s where educational videos come in. Your job at this stage is to give them the answers they need.

Educational videos offer real value to your audience that they can apply the advice you give to their everyday lives.

These types of videos are about building a relationship with your audience – don’t blatantly promote your product or service at this stage. Instead, reveal valuable and useful information to help your audience understand how their problem can be solved.

The key to these videos is that they’re short and very informative. Whatever you’re selling – be it business tools or cosmetic products, educational videos are a great way to start building a long-lasting relationship with your audience.

2. Explainer Videos

An essential part of any marketing strategy is to explain what unique value your products and services have over others in the market. People need to understand your product or service to begin to believe in them and your brand.

According to research by Strategic[2], 91% of consumers have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

Explainer videos are great, not only for establishing expertise and authority, but for capturing all the important “how to” and “hacked” themed queries so often found in searches.

Explainer videos are also really helpful in the Awareness Stage of the buyers’ journey. You could also put up your explainer video on your landing page, along with a call to action, to collect some excellent leads for your business.

Just like the educational videos mentioned previously, another benefit of explainer videos is that they don’t immediately bombard viewers with a sales pitch. Instead, they provide useful and important information to your audience, whilst gently introducing them to you brand at the same time.

Your audience will begin to see your company as a trusted resource, and hopefully down the line, as a trusted provider of products and services.

3. Testimonial Videos

Every time your potential clients visit your website or social media pages, they’re looking to validate the benefits of your products and services.

Once they’ve learned the features and pricing, they’re likely to go seek out unbiased opinions about your offerings.

That’s why reviews and testimonials are so important. According to Vendasta[3], 68% of people say positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

Testimonial videos can be used as visually engaging and interactive reviews, featuring someone who loves your product and service telling their story – instantly gaining you some major credibility. A potential buyer expects you to compliment your company, however when they hear someone unconnected to your business praising it, they’re more likely to trust what they say.

Testimonial videos can work wonders to trigger the buying decision amongst potential customers.

According to Marketinghy[4], customer testimonials are one of the top three most effective types of video content.

Testimonials can work for all types of high value products and services. For any product where the customer has to invest a large amount of money, social proof becomes even more crucial to build up the trust needed to spend that money.

For more details on how to craft the perfect testimonial video, or any of the types of video mentioned here, you can check out our YouTube channel where we post advice on how to get the best out of your videos. 

At MP Video Production, our mission is to empower business of all sizes to make the most of video marketing.

However you want to use video to promote your business, we’ll help you explore your options and the outcomes a targeted video marketing strategy can achieve.

It all starts with a thirty minute, no obligation, Business Video Marketing Consultation.  Soon you too could be using the power of video marketing, and all it can do for you and your business. Visit us at  https://mpvideoproduction.co.uk/ or email [email protected] to discover more!


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