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4 Types of Video Marketing That Work For Any Business

Video is SUCH a powerful tool for business. So, here are 4 types of video marketing that work for marketing any business to increase visibility and sales. Marketing with video is becoming increasingly common on every platform and channel. 

If you are trying to reach and engage a wide audience, marketing with video is definitely something you should look at. Using videos for marketing your business, is really worth consideration – as one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out there. SO, if you’re not already creating video, you’re likely to be falling behind.

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‘About Us’ Videos

Ultimately in business, people buy from people. Video is a great way to personalise what you do in your particular marketplace. With the use of an ‘About Us’ video for marketing, you can engage potential clients and offer them an insight into what you do, and how you do it.

The ‘About Us’ video is a great way of building business credibility. Sharing the story behind your business and showcasing the passion you have for what you do.

Typically, these videos would live on a website. Equally, they are a great way of sharing your business story with the world via social media.

Product Demos

Video is also a great way to pre-qualify potential buyers of your product or service. By producing product demonstration videos, you can demonstrate the salient points of your product or service. By using video for marketing your product, you can explain the advantages and USPs of what you offer, and highlight why potential clients should consider purchasing from you.

Your approach to these videos would be largely dependent on what your offering is. Even with physical product, a professional looking product demo need not be complicated to organise or shoot.

By using screen capturing software, product offerings with an online component, or that are software-based, can also easily be produced. Well-made product videos can effectively filter prospects that arrive via your website or social media. In that way, you are not wasting your time with people with no purchasing intent. Instead you can be left free to invest your time in cultivating warmer leads.

Social Media Ads

Video is a really powerful tool when it comes to advertising on social media. As such, data consistently shows that video advertising convert more highly than those based on either text or graphics alone.

The nature of your video advertising on social media will depend on the message you’re trying to communicate. So production styles will be very much led by that.

However, the social media ads need not be complex. Well executed ads with a clear and consistent message will perform as well as their more complex counterparts, so long as time and thought have been invested at the preproduction phase.

Alongside this you need a clear implementation strategy on whichever social media advertising platform it will be run.

Also with a bit of careful planning, coupled with some experience – it’s possible to produce video content that can be easily reversion. This means you can easily modify your social media advertising, or indeed create entirely new ones using the same material.

However, as with so much in video production, it really is all in the planning.

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Thought Pieces

Thought pieces are an excellent way to establish your brand credibility and expertise. For example, a profile interview of an expert contained within your business. Or an on camera chat with one of your business partners or suppliers. Both these can provide valuable insights into your niche.

This is all a great way of providing content that adds value to your audience. Over time this can position you and your business as experts in your business area. Well made content such as this, becomes highly shareable. This is a fantastic way of spreading awareness of your business. It’s also a great way of building an audience for your content.

These type of video for marketing don’t need to be expensive or complicated to produce. So long as you are well planned and researched, you can produce and film several interviews a day, in the same setup. This is a really efficient way of generating high quality content. It also maximises your ‘bang for buck’ in terms of video production.

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