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Video Marketing Content Ideas for Your Business

Powerful video content is essential for any small business owner or entrepreneur. Using video as a marketing tool is both effective and profitable but knowing the type of video to use can still be challenging. 

Planning Your Video Content 

Investing time in pre-shoot planning is critical. 

Don’t ignore the planning stage! Otherwise you run the risk of wasting time, energy, and money on producing video content that won’t deliver ROI for your business. 

First, ensure you understand your target audience. Identify what you want the videos to achieve for you and your business, and where the videos fit in within the customer journey and your marketing strategy. 

Where to Place Your Videos 

Before you do anything else, make sure your videos are on the sales page of your website. This is where all of the information and the products are. Video’s embedded on your website will keep people on that page for a longer time than written content – according to statistics, users will spend 88% more time on a website containing video, which is excellent for SEO.1 Google rewards sites with longer dwell times, upping your site’s organic rankings in search engine results without having to do anything else. 

Videos placed on sales pages can communicate a lot of information quickly – the equivalent of several pages of copy. This means you’re getting your message across and absorbed by visitors more speedily than any written content would. 

When you are more confident with your video output look to social media networks and YouTube.

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Types of Videos to Use 

There are several types of videos that can be used on a business website. Some are more effective than others, depending on your sector. The following types of video are good general starting points. 

Introduction Videos 

Introduction videos are a great way to showcase your business to potential clients. Focus on a basic company profile and steer clear of stating how fantastic your business is. Truthfully, website visitors don’t care. 

An effective company profile video will be created with a customer’s point of view at the forefront. They want to know how you, your product, or your service can help them – so tell them. You can discuss why you love doing what you do, as this can come across as authentic, honest content that can contribute to potential clients’ understanding of you and your drive. 

Company profile videos that are overproduced don’t tend to land too well. Humanity on display that is relatable is the best approach. ‘I know you, I understand you, I was you,’ is more likely to resonate with people over ‘check out how awesome I really am.’ 

Last pointer: Keep these videos short and sweet. Cut to the chase. Between 90-seconds and 2-minutes is the perfect duration for an introductory video. 

Instructional Videos

Videos that signpost what website visitors should do next are a fantastic strategy for most pages of a business site. For example, if the aim is to encourage people to get in touch with you for a phone consultation, explain why and what value they’ll get out of this. 

This is a wise investment as it leaves visitors with no doubt about what to do next and ushers them smoothly to the next stage of the customer journey. If you place several instructional videos on various website pages, it will help build a rapport with visitors, and they’ll come to expect your guidance on each page. 

This type of video is basically a call to action but a much more effective one than copy-based CTA’s. Limit the duration to around 30-seconds for the best chance of visitors making it to the end of the video.

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Explainer Videos 

Explainer videos demonstrate or explain your product; the benefits of using it and are perfect for a company website. These videos give you the chance to naturally highlight specific pain points or problems that your product or service are designed to solve. It is also an excellent way to show how your product fits into the larger landscape of your industry. 

According to Forbes, explainer videos can increase website conversion rates by around 85%.2 And research from HubSpot has found that explainer videos helped 72%3 of customers understand and learn about products/services. Explainer videos are hugely cost-effective, generally well-received, and perfect for a business website. 


If you’ve just started building an online presence, then it’s essential to work on your website first as it’s the perfect platform for some of the most influential and compelling types of videos. 

Google loves website videos, customers love them, and you’ll love their ROI.

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