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Pre Production

Preproduction is a preparatory phase.

The length of this varies depending on how fully formed your video content ideas are. The preproduction phase is where we take the brief or collaborate with you to produce a video marketing strategy for your project. Always keeping the end in mind. What will your marketing video be for? Where will it be seen? Who is its audience?

Once we understand all these things, we can develop a video marketing shoot plan. This plan will be devised based on time, scale, and budget, as well as keeping in mind the goals you have set for the project.

We believe that when it comes to budget, honesty is always the best policy. We are up front with numbers and realistic about what can be achieved within a certain price range.

However, we also understand that budgets are never limitless and our approach is always to maximise the amount of budget that ends up on screen.


The next phase is production – where your project comes to life.

The length of this phase absolutely depends on the nature of your video marketing project, but whatever it is and however involved or complicated the rig, our focus is always on quality.

The quality of the kit we use is always UK broadcast spec and the crews we use are always carefully chosen from our large network of established UK freelancers. We may be a bit biased, but the technicians we use genuinely are at the top of their game and regularly work on high profile projects in the UK and abroad.

Using the best possible talent for your project means that the end result will represent you and your business in the best possible light, but also will stand out amongst the noise of the internet.

Post Production

In the post production phase, your project finally takes shape.

Our skilled editors carefully edit your marketing video, adding any graphics, music or creating title sequences to ensure that the end result looks great but is also cut in such a way that it ensures it has the best chance of meeting the project goals.

At this point we may cut different versions of your project depending on what platform they are destined for. Audiences may well vary on each social media platform – our editing process makes sure this is always taken into account.

Our aim is always producing the best possible quality video marketing, but equally, films that are effective. But at Motion Picture we also understand that our job as a video production company may not necessarily stop on the delivery of the finished film.


We offer a bespoke, end to end, video production service.

That means that as well as producing high end marketing video content, we’re also very happy to oversee the implementation of the films we produce as part of your video marketing strategy. This forms the fourth phase of our production process.

We’re very happy to upload finished marketing video to your social feeds. Equally, we’re comfortable managing your video marketing strategy. We are qualified online marketers and have a network of digital marketing experts to help your video marketing succeed online.

We understand every project is unique and will require a different set of skills to be brought to the table.

Our video production service is tailored to each project. But at the heart of everything is our collaborative approach, unwavering commitment to quality and a desire to create great looking films that really work for our clients.

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