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Video Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales – Example Videos

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur and you want to use video marketing to increase your sales then you’re in the right place. In blog post, I’m going to reveal three different examples of videos you can use to increase your sales.

Let’s dive into the content right now. Let’s move on to videos that can increase sales.

1 – Product Videos

Here’s an interesting stats, 72% of people would rather learn about a product with a video rather than via copy. So product videos are super powerful, and there’s lots of stats demonstrating that a lot of people will, I mean it’s what do we do.

We’re looking for something on to buy on Amazon or wherever, other places are available obviously, what do we all do? We look at the product that’s great, we then immediately look at reviews, product reviews, don’t we? And we’ll look for product videos, people demonstrating them, or talking about how good they are, or bad or whatever.

These videos are super, super popular on things like YouTube. But they are so powerful and they are, you know, if someone’s looking for a widget and there are lots of people that sell the widgets. If you’re creating really well optimized videos, and you happen to be the video that they end up landing on and watching, and then you’re the video that tips them off the fence, and they decided to buy, and then that links there and it links to your store then you’ve got that sale.

So product videos are really, really powerful tools.

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2 – How-to Videos

These are really, really great. Problem-solving videos that build rapport and trust with your audience. That’s the thing. None of these videos need to be silly.

In fact, I would argue that the days of sort of hardcore sales, kind of double glazing, salesy, hitting people over the head with a product even if they don’t need it, those are long gone. It’s all about actually listening to what the audience wants.

Now, figuratively listening now can be done by the fact that we have access to the data. Because like I said before people are typing in their issues, they’re asking questions. So we’re already as business owners we know what we need to do. We know how we can sell, we know that we can help these particular people out. So we don’t need to be running around the room of people that really aren’t interested in what we’re doing.

We can target the relevant people with our relevant video content before we get too far down the buyer’s journey. So these are great. These how-to videos are great for demonstrating your expertise as well. And that’s another thing. That’s another differentiation between you and someone else. Again, it’s a cue for the people watching to go. They really seem to know what they’re doing.

That’s incredibly powerful again. And it’s all about the touch points and actually, people aren’t going to be converted after watching one video. Very, very seldom do they. The average amount of video, the average amount I should say of content that people come into contact with before they make a purchasing decision is a minimum of seven.

So, if you are, and that’s the whole point with that phone. You need to be sort of coming into contact with someone a minimum of seven times before they start considering whether or not to buy from you. So that’s the kind of orders of magnitude of content you’re talking about. And that’s why you need to start thinking in terms of really, I would say you need to start thinking in terms of that funnel kind of structure. You know, making sure that you’ve got videos that are in the awareness stage, the consideration stage and the decision stage as well.

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3 – Unboxing Videos

The other, this is unboxing videos. People literally unwrapping stuff on camera. These are incredibly popular, like ridiculously popular videos. A couple of the top channels on YouTube literally are unboxing channels. It’s incredible. So here we are, look 90,000 people are searching for, typing, unboxing into YouTube every single month, 90,000.

So why is that relevant? Well, imagine if you create a video and you’ve got a product video for example, or you create products of some sort, which you then shipped to people, rather than just doing a product video where the products kind of in isolation, almost on a desk or whatever. How about doing one where you demonstrate the theater of how it’s delivered? If you’re doing, I don’t know, if it’s something that you give wrap or whatever it is, it’s all about that experience.

And honestly, if you do some videos like that, obviously it needs to be relevant to what you’re doing. But if you do sell products, and you wrap them up nicely, then why on earth would you not unboxing videos? I’d be absolutely on that like a ton of bricks, I really would. It really taps into the experience of receiving the product.

And actually, I think the reason unboxing videos are so kind of popular is because it really taps into that thing of what it’s like to receive a gift. You know, at Christmas or a birthday and things like that. Companies like Apple do it so well. The design, there’s so much time and effort put in by people like Apple, companies like them, into how their products are presented. It’s almost a theater that goes on with it.

Now, I’m sure there’s lots of other companies. You know, there are some great sort of small businesses that do present their staff incredibly well. If you’re one of them, I would absolutely be doing unboxing videos, because I think that your product name with an unboxing or whatever it is, you know, if people are searching, typing unboxing in 90,000 times a month. I would want to be on that particular gravy train right now I think.

Final thoughts

I really hope you’ve got value from this post. To dive into more detail about how to create video for your business, do check out the other videos on our YouTube channel.

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