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How Much Does Marketing Video Production Costs in the UK?

What are video production costs in the UK? With this video production cost planning guide, we reveal how you can maximise your shoot efficiency to get the most out of your video marketing production budget.

We share how to optimise the business video production process, to make video for business marketing achievable for most businesses.

Video marketing as an investment

Sometimes it’s really helpful to look at video and video marketing as an investment rather than a cost. If you’re talking in terms of costs, you’re thinking that your bank balance is, at the end of the transaction at the end of the period of working with video, is going to be lighter.

Video marketing is the same as any kind of marketing in the sense that it should be a net benefit to your business. Because otherwise why would you be doing it if you’re not getting any good return on investment.

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Maximizing the efficiency of video production shoot process

Video requires that you need to be super strategic and super planned upfront before you start actually pressing a record or doing any actual filming. If you’re going to the expense of creating video content, for example if you were to engage a production company. Then how about producing video for a number of different applications in that shoot process. And that’s something that we always do is we always want to maximize bang for buck. Because we understand that there is a cost, there is an outlay to getting the kit and the crew on site to film. And that’s not even taken into account or the creative and planning and logistics that goes on before that point. But the key is to make sure that all the preparations for the shoot are really well considered so that you can maximize the efficiency of the shoot. And make sure that you gather as many outputs as possible from any one-day shooting.

What I mean by this is for example, if you’re shooting an interview with the CEO for a customer facing news video. Then at the same time, you could film a load of content for your social platforms at the same time. I think when it comes to video production sometimes maybe people are thinking in quite a narrow sense in terms of, “Well, I’m from HR therefore, we’re doing a load of HR videos.” Rather than looking in a broader sense and thinking well, maybe if I reached out to other departments we could coordinate and therefore really maximize the bang for buck we’re getting.

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Understanding how to maximize the ROI of video

Our job as video producers does not stop at just handing over some nice clipped out films with some nice music underneath it. It’s really about understanding how those videos can be implemented to make sure that the ROI is maximized. And the idea of maximizing ROI really needs to be present right at the start of the commissioning process frankly. If you understand the purposes of the video, each particular one, what actions do you want people to take off the back of watching one of these videos. If you understand those kinds of details, and retain that information right throughout the production process. And really zero in and make sure that every turn that you are meeting those goals those business goals then actually you stand a very good chance of creating some incredibly effective video.

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