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What is Video Marketing? An Introductory Guide

Simply put, video marketing is the use of video to promote your product, service or brand across digital channels. In other words, whenever you use video to engage or communicate with your followers on Facebook, or if you produce a product launch video say, and share it with your contacts on LinkedIn, you are using video marketing.

How can Video Marketing help your business?

Anytime you’re using video to reach out to your audience as a business, you’re using video marketing, and video marketing is a hugely powerful tool for business.

For example, video marketing can be used to raise awareness of your product or service. It can do this by growing your audience on platforms, such as Facebook if you’re selling B2C, or on a platform such as LinkedIn if your offering is B2B.

It can establish your credibility as an organization, building trust with your audience over time. If you produce video content that introduces people to the people behind your business, for example, and share their passion and stories.

On a platform such as LinkedIn, video marketing can establish you as a thought leader in your particular business niche. If you produce videos that are of value to your audience, that showcase the knowledge you have of your industry, if you keep producing valuable industry insights, for example, or offering requested advice and deal with topics that engage with your audience on whatever platform, over a period of time, your audience will come to regard you as being an expert in what you do. But none of this happens overnight. With video marketing, you’re in the business of building genuine and deep relationships with your potential customers.

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What is it used for?

Video marketing is also a really powerful way of advancing people along your buyer’s journey. Ultimately, people buy from people. So, the more well-produced video from your business or organization that your audience interacts with, theoretically, the warmer a lead they become. But this is contingent on the content being of genuine value to your audience. They need to be front and center of your video marketing strategy all the time. It’s not about you, it’s about what you can do for your audience, how can you make their lives better, or solve a problem for them with a product or service that you offer?

Okay, so you get the fact that video marketing can be a great tool for increasing awareness and establishing authority within your niche, but it all seems a lot of work, right?

It’s true that video marketing needs commitment, planning, and strategy behind it to perform at its best. You should make sure that it integrates into your overall marketing strategy. It’s no good thinking, oh we’ll just bang out a couple of videos and the inquiries will come flooding in, it just doesn’t work like that. People will ultimately see through that as a flimsy attempt to shortcut building a genuine relationship with them, and it will reflect badly on your business or brand. It’ll also not foster sustainable clients that will return to your business time and again. If you show no loyalty or commitment to your audience, they will show the same toward you and your business.

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Why Should You Use Video Marketing in Your Business?

So, is it all worth it? Well, the stats and research consistently all suggest that it is.

  • According to HubSpot research, over 50% of customers prefer video to other types of content from a business or brand. They find it easier to digest and more engaging than other formats.
  • Video when used on landing pages is capable of increasing conversion rates by over 80%.
  • Just putting the word video in your email subject line increases open rates by 19%.
  • 90% of customers also say videos help them make buying decisions.

So, video marketing is clearly hugely effective for businesses that use it, and is also that something you should look at integrating into your marketing plan if it isn’t already there.

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