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Why Video Marketing is So Powerful?

Why is video marketing important for business? What are the benefits of video marketing? In this article, you’ll learn why video marketing is so powerful and how you could use video for business to drive your business growth. And we’ll shed light on why video use is exploding right now.

How Video Marketing Works?

Video marketing essentially, is using videos and creating video content that supports a marketing campaign. This is typically across any number of digital platforms, including social ones like LinkedIn and Facebook, et cetera. So, for example, you could host a Facebook live and demo your product, or you could create prerecorded tutorial videos to explain how product features work. You could even pop an educational video into your email marketing campaign for a potential 300% increase in click-through rates. On YouTube alone, people spend one billion hours watching videos every single day.

Consumers not only love watching videos online as the stats suggest, but they’re also much more willing to turn from browsers into buyers if they like what they see.

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Why is Video Marketing so Effective?

Science says it works. Biologically speaking, humans are a visual species. What we experience through sight makes up 83% of our experience of the world, with hearing ranking second at 11%. This explains why video marketing is so effective. The things we see and here are the things that make the greatest impact on us.

In fact, people are 12 times more likely to watch a video than they are to read a piece of text. Have you ever found yourself coming to the end of a piece of text and not knowing what it was about? Or worse still, have you re-read the same line five times and you still have no clue about what you’re actually reading? Interestingly, four times as many consumers actually prefer to watch a video about a product versus reading about it.

Videos allow prospects to see your product in action, getting a really full grasp on how it works, the features and obviously the benefits. They’re able to digest the information easier and faster when it’s demonstrated through video. Your customers are better positioned to make an informed decision quickly by watching your video than reading a long blog article or social media post. Also, seeking second opinions is a known part of the buying cycle.

How often do you seek out reviews before making that final purchasing decision? You’re simply looking for validation and social proof that the product or service works as well as it says it does. That is why reviews and demo videos are so key to online marketing. However, the science behind video marketing goes beyond humans being visual learners.

Science Says Video Marketing Works

Video has also been proven to be more effective at making emotional connections, which is of course, what good marketing is all about. Watching a story-driven video causes the brain to produce more oxytocin, a neurochemical that is released when people experience kindness or empathy. This is proof of why it’s so important to tell your customer a story in your marketing efforts. Feeling understood triggers these emotions. But the value of a story and its relationship to brain chemistry doesn’t end there.

Oxytocin is also associated with cooperative behaviour, which is why some stories can also serve as inspiration for people to take steps to develop new habits or make life changes.

Did Rocky make you want to whip yourself into shape and run up a massive flight of stairs? Did the hit documentary, “Won’t You Be My Neighbour”, make you want to spread kindness like Mr. Rogers?

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If you can think of a time a movie motivated you to take action, then you’ve experienced the science of stories. Stories in general are known to have this effect, but seeing the story unfold in a video, triggers it on a much stronger level than simply reading it in an article or a book. That is a big reason why you should be using video marketing, because it creates an emotional bond, not only within the story, but with your brand and your product or service.

Listen, I really hope this has helped increase your understanding of video marketing and why it’s so powerful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. It’s always great to hear from you. For more information and help, check out our .

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