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As a conscious business owner - are you holding back from creating your own business video, because you're unsure what to talk about?


Do you realise you really ought to create online video to gain more clients, but you're hesitating because of nagging self-doubts in your head?


Do you have a block when it comes to the tech and processes behind video making, that means you're shying away from creating your own video?

Have You Tried Creating Your Own Video,
but Got No Results?

You Put All The Effort In – For No Return

You noticed over the last few years how an ever-increasing amount of your customers are now searching for and buying products and services like yours online. So you made some videos.

As a purpose driven business owner, you already know that online video is THE way of reaching and connecting with new audiences of potential clients online.

The fact that video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year and achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness, encouraged you to make video. But when you tried, you got crickets.

All those hours spent. With little to show for it.

Frustrating – I totally get it.

Want To Reach New Customers With Video,
But Don't Know Where To Start?

You Want To Use Video – You Just Need Guidance

When it comes to understanding how to create a video as a business owner there’s SO much information out there online – it’s really hard to make any sense of it.

You’re aware that the likes of Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn and the rest are prioritising video because it’s super engaging.

You’re noticing that more and more video is appearing on search engines like Google.

You can see the direction of travel – that video is fast moving from being an optional ‘nice to have’, to being an essential part of business marketing.

I really understand the confusion you’re feeling. And the desire you have to find your way through the video creation maze.

So you can just get going.

As A Purpose Driven Business Owner -
You Know That Online Video Is The Best Way To:

Sell Your Products Or Services Online

Encourage New People To Book Appointments

Encourage New People To Book Appointments

Build Your Business Authority Online

Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

Build Your Business Authority Online


With Entrepreneurs Video Masterclass,
In Just Six Weeks...

You’ll Have Clarity Around Your Business

We’ll go right back to Video Foundations 101 – ensuring the online video content you produce, aligns with the business aims and goals you have. Understanding and plotting your customer journey – encouraging the people you serve, to come back and buy from you time and again.

You’ll Feel Comfortable Creating Your Own Content

Tapping into over 25 years experience in UK broadcast TV, Jeremy (your coach) will help you design a kit set up that works for you. He’ll also share industry insights and secrets to creating compelling videos, that your audience will be desperate to watch.

You’ll Be Empowered To Find New Online Clients

With the video marketing foundations, skills and knowledge in place, we’ll support the formulation of your own unique sustainable video workflow – so you can produce effective customer generating videos from now on.


I had no understanding of what the software was involved. Absolutely none. And now I’m just at the point of using the videos and uploading them to these software packages and starting to cut them about and play about with them and add subtitles. And that’s really where I wanted to get.

– Andrea White (AW Fire)

You’ve literally saved me six months of researching and figuring out in the space of six weeks. That is immensely valuable. Anybody who wants to make videos will benefit from that so much …

– Anita Lubosch

" Delivering training virtually is not easy but Jeremy has a natural ability to keep the sessions relevant, engaging and full of helpful information and guidance. He has a vast amount of knowledge and experience he is able to share with attendees whilst also building their confidence with tips and positive feedback. The chat during our training sessions was buzzing and it was great to see the videos staff created as a direct result of the sessions Jeremy delivered."
Karen Durcan (Director of English Regions, FSB)
"I first got to know Jeremy at the beginning of my journey in setting up my business. I knew that I wanted to use video, but wasn’t altogether sure how to go about it. The foundational teachings that Jeremy provided have been instrumental in giving me the confidence to move forward. Jeremy is aside from anything else a really nice guy whose manner make you feel really comfortable. If you’re looking for a ‘go to’ person, you’ll be in a very safe pair of hands!"
Justin Cox (Founder, Couriers Depot)
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